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Ensemble was founded during Stormblood’s first raid patch. We are aiming to be a stable, successful free company with a healthy atmosphere, and continue to push ourselves to achieve even better results than before.

Our free company is filled with theorycrafters, speedrunners and people who like to take the game a little more seriously than they should! We also have a big family of crafters and gatherers to support us in progression and farm, and social members to keep us all sane when another discussion about cooldowns and rotations might push you over the edge.

While the free company itself has been formed fairly recently, its active raiders have an extensive raiding history, and have been a part of achievements such as – including but not limited to – World #1 T5, World #2 T9, World #5 T13, World #6 A12S, and World #5 O4S. Under the banner of Ensemble, we have been able to achieve World #8 O8S, World #7 UWU, and World #2 O12S to date.


Meister Chef Eorzea 2019 winners

1stStrawberry Charlottefrom Ridhyan Inisecna 2ndFluffy Souffle Pancakesfrom Maribel Berri 3rdMarbled Sakura Chiffon Cakefrom Rimilla Sakura The results are in - the voters certainly had a sweet tooth! Congratulations to the...

Meister Chef Eorzea, cooking competition!

Do you consider yourself a good cook? Now's your chance to prove it to the rest of the world - Ensemble FC is running a real-life cooking competition for the...
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Banana Yogurt
This team will be doing HC world progression as our flagship progression group for the content. The group finished World #2 on Alphascape (Savage) and World #7 on Ultima Weapon (Ultimate), and the team wants to strive for better results within the coming tiers. We want to build the best team possible for world progression, therefore all serious applicants will be considered.
Progression schedule
As long as possible
Farm schedule
Up to members schedule
Reforming HC group
This team is planning to do hardcore progression on 5.0
Progression & farm schedule