Ensemble was founded during Stormblood’s first raid patch. We are aiming to be a stable, successful free company with a healthy atmosphere, and continue to push ourselves to achieve even better results than before.

We don’t aim to have many rules and common sense will generally get you through the day, but some ground rules are necessary to set up a common framework for everyone to follow.

Main spoken language: English


The sole leader and the strongest voice in the free company, Alamer Ragnarok.

The council takes care of day to day operations, discussing free company matters and planning future steps together with the leadership. Ultimately council members are players just like everyone else, just tasked with extra duties and responsibilities to make sure things stay on track.

Liquito Fair
Locrian Mode
Mordesith Vayne

Raid leaders are responsible for the wellbeing and management of their own raid team, and communicating with the council regarding raid group matters.

Locrian Mode
Mordesith Vayne
Osmosis Dave
Togashi Yuuta

Dedicated crafters and gatherers of our free company.

Members who have successfully completed their trial into our free company as raiders. Includes both active raiders, and benched raiders currently waiting for a raid spot.

Social Leads help organize events and manage the FC social media.

FC Members that are not part of any raid team, they can enjoy FC events that are made by community managers and socialize with everyone.

Members’ alternative characters.


Our main focus as a free company is world progression.

During progression, we may be required to swap people between the main progression group and other progression groups, in case someone in the main progression group is unavailable. People will not be swapped between progression groups unless the main progression group is involved.

The main progression group is also always open for applicants, regardless of open spots. All spots are earned based on performance, and anyone can be replaced or benched.

Performance is not just your DPS – while DPS is a factor, we consider your ability to do mechanics, your learning speed, your consistency as a player, your strategical acumen, and your attitude to be factors as well. Don’t expect to be entitled to anything simply based on your FFLogs percentile.

Learn from your mistakes – while we understand that we all make them, you will be expected to learn from them.

Raid groups generally have additional rules specific to them, for example regarding attendance and raid preparation – it’s your responsibility to respect and follow them. You are expected to listen to your raid leader and handle criticism appropriately.


Members of Ensemble must act in an adult manner. Treat each other (including people outside the free company) with respect. Every member is a representative of the free company.

The management is here for you, and will listen to your concerns and negative feedback. We can’t help you if we’re not aware of what’s bothering you – if you don’t bring things up, they will just keep bothering you.

  • If you have an issue with your raid group or one of its members, talk to your raid leader. The raid leader is also free to ask the management for assistance.
  • For all other issues, talk to the management. If you feel like you need help solving a problem between you and someone else, we can also mediate.

If you have an alt, add your main character name to the alt by using the short message feature (Free Company / Members / Short Messages) if the name of your alt is similar enough to your main (Example being Eluding World who is alt to Eluding Wave), you will not require a short message.

Ensemble Discord: It is mandatory for the members of the free company to be part of the Discord server, also you are free to invite your friends as guests to the Discord if you’d like. Our general rules, where applicable, cover Discord usage as well.

All members are recommended to help each other as much as possible.

Let the management know if you are going to be inactive for more than 60 days. Otherwise, your characters may end up being removed from the free company for inactivity.

When streaming free company chat and party chat should be covered and not broadcasted to the world.


You should be at least 21 years old to join Ensemble. We may sometimes make exceptions for younger, exceptional applicants who are at least 18 years old. If you feel that you are mature for your age and in control of your own time, feel free to apply but mention this in your application.

Joining Ensemble requires an application to be filed. There are no backdoors or direct invites into the free company.

Social Applications:

  • The community will have 24 hours to comment and vote on the applications before they will be invited in to the FC.
  • We will limit admissions if we see it necessary ( example: start of a patch day ).
  • Applications are not limited to only family and friends of free company members.

We are open to raid group applications (existing raid groups, friends wanting to play together, etc). You can submit one application for the raid group, but it should contain information about all of your members.

There is no requirement to join the free company if you join a raid group, raid groups are free to choose to raid with someone from the outside, but as an outsider you will not be included in free company sales, nor will you receive gear or consumables from the free company.

Applications are seen on by our members and they may provide feedback on them, but the decisions will be made by the raid leaders. Management does, however, reserve the right to veto an application.

Trial length and content is raid group dependant and determined the by raid leader of the group. The raid leader is responsible for the final decision to accept or reject the applicant based on the trial.


As our goals lie in world progression, our resources will be prioritized so that they will first be directed towards the main progression team.

Our artisans are ready to help raid groups, but to be fair towards them in regards to the time they spend, preparations (melds, etc), and lost market board sales, groups are expected to contribute resources relative to the level of support they wish to have. This amount is variable, depending on – for example – the speed of delivery and required extent of support. Raid groups that are raiding more casually and asks for gear within three days, are naturally expected to contribute much less than a group that is doing world progression and requires gear within three hours. The contribution expected from a group is determined by the artisans leaders together with raid leaders.

Consumables (food and potions) in the FC chest are at the disposal of all raiders – feel free to use them, but think of others as well and take only what you need for the day. The consumables are also intended for our free company members, they are not to be distributed to raid group members outside the free company. Access to crafting materials, materia, and other valuable items may be limited to certain ranks. If you have need for these items, contact the management.

Artisans (crafters and gatherers) of the free company are enjoying the game in their own way, and as such are not there just to make every wish come true. They don’t take orders, but they may listen to requests. They are an important part of our progression efforts – the ninth party member – and without their valuable contributions, our goals would not be achievable. During progression time, communication between raiders, raid leaders, and artisans may be limited to help with organization.



◊ Creating drama

◊ Hurtful, disrespectful, or negative remarks

◊ Any form of discrimination, harassment or abuse

◊ Pointless arguing

◊ Free company misrepresentation
(making Ensemble look “bad” in the public eye)

◊ Complaining in non-constructive ways

◊ Begging within and outside the free company

Engaging in any of the above may earn you a warning, and depending on the severity and frequency of the infractions, your raid leader may choose to dismiss you from the raid group, or the management may choose to dismiss you from the free company. All instances will be handled on case by case basis.