Our free company is filled with theorycrafters, speedrunners and people who like to take the game a little more seriously than they should! We also have a big family of crafters and gatherers to support us in progression and farm, and social members to keep us all sane when another discussion about cooldowns and rotations might push you over the edge.

While the free company itself has been formed fairly recently, its active raiders have an extensive raiding history, and have been a part of achievements such as – including but not limited to – World #1 T5, World #2 T9, World #5 T13, World #6 A12S, and World #5 O4S. Under the banner of Ensemble, we have been able to achieve World #8 O8S, World #7 UWU, World #2 O12S, World #4 E4s, and World #11 TEA to date.

We’re looking for players who want to be the best at what they do. If you’re the sort of person that wants to improve your performance, make less mistakes and kill bosses faster you’ll fit right in.






We are always open for more assistance with crafting and gathering, as crafters and gatherers are an important part of the raiding equation, the ninth party member of any successful raid group. You won’t be expected to slave away in a dark room for hours on end; even if you can only play one hour every day, or you only have one job leveled, every contribution helps! In return, we are ready to assist you in what you want from the game.



Our community and wide variety of raid groups offer a great environment for any kind of raider, all the way from world progression to casual raiding. Requirements differ from group to group – for example, hardcore groups expect more time commitment – but you are always welcome to contact groups’ raid leaders for more information, or simply submit your application and see how it goes.