This page introduces all of the management, and explains the responsibilities of each council member. Aside from these responsibilities, we all contribute to discussions and help make Ensemble a place everyone can enjoy. Feel free to contact any of us at any time!




I started playing MMOs from the release of Final Fantasy XI in 2002, and transitioned over to Final Fantasy XIV with my friends. That’s where the last name comes from too, since XI had only first names – players who moved over to XIV during the campaign back then, got their characters created with their original XI server as their last name. Hence, Ragnarok. Back then, my shift job enabled me to play on NA servers, but as that changed, I had to change to EU times as well. As one might expect, NA servers were quite dead during EU prime time, so ultimately I had to transfer over to EU servers.

My destination was Ragnarok, where I created my own FC with some of my friends. The FC was called Legends Reborn, and we had two raid teams who were able to clear up to Turn 4 of Binding Coil. Due to growing disinterest in the game, we decided to split into other FCs, and I ended up joining Blacklight, an Arabic FC, and cleared Turn 5 with them. They, too, lost interest in the game, so it was time to look for another free company yet again.

Around Second Coil, I joined Solitude, and by the time Final Coil launched I was a raid leader of my own group, and shortly afterwards, promoted to an officer. We started taking care of things full time a little after Gordias, as the old officers and management were taking a long break. This period taught us a lot – we made a lot of mistakes, too, but that’s how you learn. Our aim was to transition Solitude into a stronger raiding free company, together with a healthy and friendly community, and although these two goals sometimes end up clashing with one another, we still wanted to do our best to try to make both possible.

When Stormblood hit, most of the people in Solitude reached the decision to split from the free company due to some irreconcilable differences, and form our own free company which we could run more freely, implementing more changes that were not possible under the Solitude banner. It was a very difficult decision to make, but ultimately it was for the best for both parties. Together with everyone, we formed Ensemble, and together we continue to build it into a community we can all enjoy, a home for everyone to share and enjoy their time in.

I’ve met lots of great people and made a lot of good friends along the way, and Final Fantasy MMOs continue to have a special spot in my heart.

Alamer Ragnarok#2319




I first joined the Ensemble crew – under a different name back then – almost 3 years ago, when Midas was about to be released. I am primarily a DoH/DoL enthusiast and, surprisingly enough, not a raider. My role as council and artisan leader is to prepare and manage progression tiers from artisan perspective, often several months ahead of time, and to provide advice and direction from an artisan’s point of view. I co-lead the artisan team with my very experienced fellow, Elrohir Fefalas.

This involves quite a bit of planning in regards to gathering and crafting; to make sure the raiders are provided what they need to make the most out of the fights; thorough analyses of patch patterns, gathering feedback, and improving and finetuning the support structure from one tier to another.


JHIN RHOWA :fishing_pole_and_fish:


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Jhin Rhowa#8904

LIQUITO FAIR :liquito:


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LOCRIAN MODE :pukeipeek:


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Locrian Mode#2138



I actually came from Omega where I started my FFXIV journey in late 2018. I ended up getting a bunch of friends from Ragnarok, due to using Party Finder for random things, who happened to be in Ensemble. May 2019, I decided to do the switch and transfer to Ragnarok to join all these new friends I had made in Ragnarok. I originally joined as a Social but have since then done what I can to involve myself with the people in the FC as both a Artisan, Raider and Social. I am quite a jack of all trades when it comes to being a Council member due to me being involved in all areas of the game, I would say though that Community/organizing kind of things, are one of my strong points due to having lead communities with several hundred members in other MMO’s. I might still be relatively new to FFXIV, I do however have 15+ years experience from previous mmo’s that I have played throughout the years.




XIV is my first MMO, started playing simply because it was an FF game back in HW. Started raiding in SB but enjoyed crafting more than anything in this game, so i went the artisan path and joined the artisan team in EN. Ever since then i killed all raid tiers and the good ultimate. Also week 1 eden pleb right here yo. Still an artisan at heart though :gibbalance:

Victris Mortalis#7589