Theo Ivy
Akio Velkith
Deku Keku
Zachy Pillowfighter
Sarangerel Ura
Cecillya Skrall
Fey Covenant
Minami Izumi
Zephros Tarren
Aarron Mon
Lindos Luna
Togashi Yuuta
Valle Hoo
Aurelia Mavis
Kitty LaKill
Alamer Ragnarok
Mooni Amour
Kylix Flowstone
Muteki Ragnarok
Hifey Nyan
Rin Reinheart
Locrian Mode
Niicked Soapface
Luna Delacroix
Ellie Tique





Ensemble was founded during Stormblood’s first raid patch. We are aiming to be a stable, successful free company with a healthy atmosphere, and continue to push ourselves to achieve even better results than before.

Our free company is filled with theorycrafters, speedrunners and people who like to take the game a little more seriously than they should! We also have a big family of crafters and gatherers to support us in progression and farm, and social members to keep us all sane when another discussion about cooldowns and rotations might push you over the edge.

Our active raiders have an extensive raiding history, and have been a part of achievements such as – including but not limited to – World #1 T5, World #2 T9, World #5 T13, World #6 A12S, and World #5 O4S. Under the banner of Ensemble, we have been able to achieve World #8 O8S, World #7 UWU, World #2 O12S, and World #11 TEA to date.


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Ensemble FC! Thank you to all members and friends for another year - it has been a challenging time for everyone all...

Bunker Busters Are Go

After action report EN793132 On the 15th of August, an Ensemble alliance of bunker busters infiltrated the Puppets' Bunker. ... An hour of unmitigated chaos ensued. Successfully negotiating all most...
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