Banana Yogurt
This team will be doing HC world progression as our flagship progression group for the content. The group finished World #4 on Eden's Gate (Savage), World #2 on Alphascape (Savage) and World #7 on Ultima Weapon (Ultimate), and the team wants to strive for better results within the coming tiers. We want to build the best team possible for world progression, therefore only serious, selected candidates will be considered.
Progression schedule
As long as possible
Farm schedule
Up to members schedule
PaladinDoctor Fake
Dark KnightEluding Wave
White MageZachy PillowfighterRaid Leader
ScholarEilon Renewal
MonkKain' Senna
DragoonSolid Lafolia
BardSnap Ringer
Red MageThe Elevation
Reforming HC group
This team is planning to do hardcore progression on 5.0
Progression & farm schedule
WarriorTrix Nine
PaladinBacardi Razz
White MageSara Neko
ScholarLaeha Isley
DragoonNero ArchlightRaid Leader
MonkBran Cripple
MachinistPug Lyfe
SummonerShiho Greysight
Logging in Now!
This team is interested in (SHC) progression and some optimization on the savage content. Between patches they will be focused on Ultimate content. Members are expected to have satisfactory performance and job understanding.
Farm schedule
Tue/Thur, 5:30pm - 8:30pm ST
Dark KnightLalato Lato
PaladinEluned Rhys
White MageYuchu Ahiru
AstrologianReggie Rich
SamuraiVerix Tsukuyomi
DragoonRin Reinheart
DancerVictris Mortalis
Black MageTogashi YuutaRaid Leader
We are a midcore group, currently looking for people to continue Savage progression in Eden's Gate. Group has cleared E3s to date.
Progression schedule
Three days a week 6pm - 9pm UK
Farm schedule
One day a week 6pm - 9pm UK
PaladinMartin Moo
GunbreakerNagyr Kari
White MageFey Illumination
ScholarMega Gaming
NinjaValle Hoo
SamuraiAlamer Ragnarok
DancerKettle Pip
Red MageLocrian ModeRaid Leader
Team Heck
Team Heck is a group formed at the start of Shadowbringers with the goal of clearing content in a relevant speed while not able to put in long raid days. The group has Eden cleared and will be shifting their focus to the old ultimate's during the downtime. With the experience ranging from HC players with both ultimate's down to ex casual players. This group is best suited for players who can't afford to give the game hardcore hours and want to improve on a personal level while being confident in their individual skill. The raid times for the group are semi HC by definition as we have 3 raid days a week of Tue, Fri and Mon of 4ST to 7 ST. Week 1 of prog we do every day and try to extend hours where we can.
Progression schedule
Farm schedule
4-7 ST Tuesday, Friday and Monday
GunbreakerPooh BearRaid Leader
ScholarRenaris Dawnbringer
White MageSincronic Arcane
DragoonNeo ice
MonkMuteki Ragnarok
SummonerMioe Mystica
BardShirokou Waaaa