Banana Yogurt
This team will be doing HC world progression as our flagship progression group for the content. The group finished World #2 on Alphascape (Savage) and World #7 on Ultima Weapon (Ultimate), and the team wants to strive for better results within the coming tiers. We want to build the best team possible for world progression, therefore all serious applicants will be considered.
Progression schedule
As long as possible
Farm schedule
Up to members schedule
GunbreakerTakst Lucien
GunbreakerEluding Wave
AstrologianZachy PillowfighterRaid Leader
AstrologianJubei Mitsurugi
Black MageKain' Senna
Black MageSolid Lafolia
Black MageSnap Ringer
Black MageNiyaru Edelweiss
Reforming HC group
This team is planning to do hardcore progression on 5.0
Progression & farm schedule
PaladinTrix Nine
WarriorMizuryu Komaru
White MageSara Neko
ScholarLaeha Isley
DragoonNero Archlight
NinjaBran Cripple
BardSairi EpocanRaid Leader
SummonerMisaka San
Logging in Now!
This team is interested in (SHC) progression and some optimization on the savage content. Between patches they will be focused on Ultimate content. Members are expected to have satisfactory performance and job understanding.
Progression & farm schedule
Mon/Tue/Thur/Fri, 5:30pm - 8:30pm ST
Dark KnightLalato Lato
PaladinVerix Tsukuyomi
White MageYuchu Ahiru
ScholarReggie Rich
Black MageTogashi YuutaRaid Leader
MonkRin Reinheart
NinjaEluned Rhys
BardVictris Mortalis
We are a midcore group, currently looking for people for doing some random things before 5.0, and then continue with Savage prog in 5.0.
Progression schedule
Three days a week 6pm - 9pm UK
Farm schedule
One day a week 6pm - 9pm UK
PaladinValle Hoo
WarriorImorylis Dash
White MageFey Illumination
ScholarSilver Rawz
SamuraiAlamer Ragnarok
BardKettle Pip
Red MageLocrian ModeRaid Leader
Job Centre+
Job Centre+ is a casual raiding group built from a core of friends that has been playing various games together for a long time. We aim to clear all savage content before the next cycle hits, but are by no means trying to do it fast. Our primary focus is having fun and enjoyable raids, and memes generally take precedence over tryharding and focusing. Our sense of humor is on the very dark side of things. Any applicants must be able to handle a voice chat with idle chatting during progression and be nearly incapable of taking offense from humor that would be considered inappropriate in a public space.
Progression & farm schedule
GunbreakerDaliyah FheyRaid Leader
WarriorAyumii Hiruko
White MageBeexa Pax
ScholarLiadrin Lia
SamuraiLastas Ilo
DragoonDags Kawaii
BardMedari Rainsong
Black MageKanae Miyumi