Ensemble FC is now 1 year old!


Thank you to all of our members for making Ensemble the place it is and has been; a great community of likeminded people, having a good time together, and working together for a common goal.

As part of our anniversary, we organized an event where some of our members helped people in Party Finder to get content clears for free. Thank you to everyone who participated in this event, thank you to Aurelis Mavis for the idea, and a special thank you of course goes to the clear crew themselves:

  • Aurelia Mavis
  • Danse Lancaster
  • Flavour Town
  • Salsa Defender
  • Sarangerel Ura
  • Sasaro Saro
  • Zachy Pillowfighter

Extra thank you to Shiho Greysight for repping in the last hour as someone had to go, and It’s Ryder for repping a bit too at the start!

Artisans also organized an event where people could bring their own materials, and have items crafted for free. Thank you to all the artisans who participated in this event:

  • Jenkshi Baduga
  • Tristan Aevum
  • Victris Mortalis

Here’s to another great year as Ensemble FC!

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