Ensemble group Banana Yogurt clears Eden’s Gate as World #4!

1st 1stEntropyEntropy30.7.2019 23:50 GMT
2nd 2nd(none)Nameless (JP)31.7.2019 0:36 GMT
3rd 3rdElysiumFree 2 Play31.7.2019 2:28 GMT
4thEnsembleBanana Yogurt31.7.2018 2:54 GMT

More results available at Eden’s Gate World Race spreadsheet.

The group worked hard to make this a reality, both before and during progression, and it came together in the end to secure the fourth spot in Eden’s Gate world ranking. Amazing work, everyone! The top groups were within hours of world first this tier, making competition appear tighter this time around.

None of this would’ve been possible without our artisans and analysts, who worked tirelessly to support the free company, and all the groups’ progression throughout the first Eden raid tier. Thank you – once again – for all of your contributions!


Aqua Rain, Popo, Ryan Moogleton


Akira Nori, Almot Ragnarok, Ayako Hime, Ayumii Hiruko, Doomster Prime, Elrohir Fefalas, Eluned Rhys, Honinbo Dosaku, Jhin Rhowa, Kirris Meway, Kokonoe Mercury, Liquito Fair, M’exus Makr, Oleander Tenendar, Renaris Dawnbringer, Skeer Xarax, Victris Mortalis, Yume Himemiya


Liquito Fair, Locrian Mode, Yume Himemiya


Alamer Ragnarok, Muteki Ragnarok


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