1st 1stStrawberry Charlottefrom Ridhyan Inisecna
2nd 2ndFluffy Souffle Pancakesfrom Maribel Berri
3rd 3rdMarbled Sakura Chiffon Cakefrom Rimilla Sakura

The results are in – the voters certainly had a sweet tooth!

Congratulations to the winners, and a hearty thank you to all the entrants for their entries to the competition. Prizes will be distributed within the next 7 days, and in these 7 days we will also raffle the Mogstation prize between all voters.

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BY clears TEA World 11th

Ensemble team Banana Yogurt clears The Epic of Alexander (TEA) as World 11th! A huge thank you to the artisans, the analysts and everyone in the FC who cheered the...

Ensemble’s Second Anniversary

Ensemble FC is now 2 years old!   Thank you to all of our members for making Ensemble the place it is and has been; a great community of likeminded...

Eden’s Gate World #4 to Banana Yogurt!

Ensemble group Banana Yogurt clears Eden's Gate as World #4! 1stEntropyEntropy30.7.2019 23:50 GMT 2nd(none)Nameless (JP)31.7.2019 0:36 GMT 3rdElysiumFree 2 Play31.7.2019 2:28 GMT 4thEnsembleBanana Yogurt31.7.2018 2:54 GMT More results available at...

Bring The Shadows

The long wait is over, and the next expansion is right around the corner! New primals, new Savages, new Ultimates; not to forget new recipes, crafting endgame, new actions, and...