Ensemble team 0HP clears The Weapon’s Refrain (UwU) as World 7th! A huge thank you to the artisans, the analysts and everyone in the FC who cheered the team on!

The fight was certainly interesting and challenging, and the tricks the developers played on the whole raiding community were something never before seen in the game. There was concern that they would not be about to match Ultimate Coil of Bahamut in encounter design, but The Weapon’s Refrain surely proved the encounter design team capable of throwing curve balls at the players!

Congratulations to all other world racers as well, especially Entropy’s main team for reaching world first! You can find the world race spreadsheet through here.

Some progression statistics:

  • Pulls: 688
  • Time spent in combat: 78 hours, 40 minutes, 15 seconds
  • Landslides not respected: 341
  • Bad Displacements: 3

Please enjoy our PoV videos, and our highlight reels from 0HP’s progression! Hopefully next Ultimate will prove to be as exciting as the two we have had so far!


WAR PoV (Ultima)




Highlight reel

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