Ensemble FC turned two, and we would like to invite everyone to join us in our festivities! We will be holding a few events during a couple of days; first, free content clears! If there is content you still need cleared, our group of helpful players will help get you through it!
Next Sunday, we will be hosting three minievents. We start the day with a 1v1 PvP contest. After that, there will be a glamour contest. To top the day off, there will be a Mega Quiz!

All events will have great prizes, and participation is open for everyone. You are also welcome to join our Discord server at:

See you at the event!


Free content clears schedule

  • Start: 31st of August, 18:30 UK time
  • End: Possibly a few hours after start time (flexible)

Free content clears details

  • There will be a Party Finder up at event time, which you can join to enter the queue
  • We’ll write down your details, including the content you wish to clear, and then you wait for your turn
  • When it’s your turn, you will be called with an ingame tell or Discord message – if you are not around at that time or we can’t contact you, we’ll take the next person in queue!
  • One clear per person, and all loot will go to you!
  • You can be on any job
  • Content that will not be available: Unending Coil of Bahamut (Ultimate), The Weapon’s Refrain (Ultimate), Eden’s Gate (Savage)


1v1 PvP event schedule

  • Start: 1st of September, 15:00 UK time
  • End: Up to 16:30 UK time

1v1 PvP event details

  • Matches will be in The Wolves’ Den
  • Contest type is single-elimination bracket, fighters will be placed in brackets randomly
  • Point details (best of 1, 3, 5) will be announced when the event starts, depending on the number of participants
  • Signups are open until 24 hours before the scheduled event starts
  • Signups are performed here:
  • To keep matches fair and somewhat balanced, only DPS jobs and classes are permitted
  • Please be on time, preferably before the event starts – if you are not around when you’re called for your fights, you will lose by forfeit!

1v1 PvP event prizes

1st 1st place: 10 million gil
2nd 2nd place: 7 million gil
3rd 3rd place: 5 million gil


Glamour contest schedule

  • Start: 1st of September, 16:30 UK time
  • End: Up to 18:00 UK time

Glamour contest details

  • The contest has no theme – you can bring something completely original, or try to cosplay your favourite anime character!
  • You will be able to provide information about your glamour during signup, and this will be read out on the stream
  • Signups are performed here:
  • Participants should gather in the basement of our FC house ahead of time for final instructions, if any
  • We are on Ragnarok server (Chaos data center), in The Lavender Beds’ 1st Ward, Plot 36!
  • Every contestant will be called out in turn to present them on the basement stage for a minute or two
  • The audience will be able to vote right away by doing the /cheer emote – these will be counted towards the entrant on the stage
  • Whoever receives the most cheers wins; in the event of a tie, the winner will be determined with a coin flip
  • You are allowed to /cheer for as many entries as you like, but multiple /cheers for the same entry will not be counted

Glamour contest prizes

1st 1st place: 10 million gil
2nd 2nd place: 7 million gil
3rd 3rd place: 5 million gil

An additional 3 million gil prize will be raffled among everyone who voted by /cheering during the contest!


Mega Quiz schedule

  • Start: 1st of September, 18:00 UK time
  • End: Up to 20:00 UK time

Mega Quiz details

  • Anyone can enter any time, even in the middle of the quiz! You can also participate even if you’re not on the same datacenter!
  • Questions will be presented one by one on stream, and on a special channel on our Discord server
  • You can submit your answer by replying in the same channel – the first thing you say after a question has been presented will be locked in as your answer
  • Only one attempt per participant, you can’t change your answer or submit multiple answers!
  • Each first correct answer gets a point and a small gil prize
  • Whoever has the most points in the end, wins the grand prize; in the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by either tiebreaker questions, or with a coin flip

Mega Quiz prizes

1st 1st place: 20€ Mogstation prize
2nd 2nd place: 15€ Mogstation prize
3rd 3rd place: 10€ Mogstation prize

An additional 100k gil prize will also be presented for each first correct answer! You will need to be on the datacenter to be able to receive this in the end.